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Product development

Quickly identify your products, your competitors products, or entire product categories to answer a variety of questions.

  • What are the main benefits that consumers want from this product line?
  • What are the most popular products in this segment, and why?
  • Should we emphasize feature X more heavily than feature Y?

Market research

Our highly targeted search capabilities allow you to go directly to the online conversation that’s important for your research project.

  • What is the landscape of supermarket retailers in the UK?
  • What products have launched in the consumer electronics space recently
  • What is the sentiment of consumers in the children toy industry?

Campaign tracking

Our search capabilities across key social media platforms helps ensure you’re not missing out in identifying any impactful earned conversation.

  • Has my YouTube campaign resulted in any earned content outside of comments on my own ads?
  • Did my paid campaign for baby formula on TikTok generate any cross posts on niche forums or other social platforms?

Brand tracking & reputation management

Our targeted search capabilities across reviews, social, and forums ensure you’re not missing critical inputs into your brand reporting.

  • How does the conversation about my brand online compare to that of my competitors?
  • What is the sentiment / trust of my brand, and how is that trending over time?
  • How does conversation about my brand break down in key categories including customer complaints, recommendations etc.

Customer care & support

Our broad coverage, and keyword based intelligent search can help plug the gaps in your data and ensure you never miss an engagement opportunity.

  • Is there customer feedback on sites we’re not currently monitoring that we should be responding to?
  • What are our customers saying about us to other potential customers online?
  • What low-hanging fruits do we have to improve our customer feedback?

Crisis management

Our targeted search with near real time results can plug critical gaps in your crisis monitoring mix, and plug into your existing PR & Comms platforms.

  • Is the conversation on the back of our recent crisis more positive or negative?
  • Did consumers react positively to our latest press release?
  • How has this crisis affected us compared to our competitors?

We fetch the data & enrich it

Let machine learning and LLMs do the heavy lifting.

Enrichment that makes your life easier

Our pipeline packages raw data into intelligent data, so you can spend more time focusing your efforts where they matter most.


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Collect data and distribute it to your social listening, analytics and data visualization software, data warehouse and more.


We send automatic updates for continuous insights and compliance

Seamlessly keep your data updated as it changes on the source.

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